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1849 - 1930
Emanuel Vittona Agostino VIDOLICH
1875 - 1916
Natalitia ZORONICH

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Giovanni Gerald Louis Carmele VIDOLICH
1909 - 1983

Maria Concetta Emanuela Josephine SABBATIER
1845 - 1917
Magdalena STORACI
1854 - 1940
Innocenzo GAFFIERO [+1]
Maria Vittoria GAFFIERO
1877 - 1917
Antonia INGLOTT [+1]
1851 - 1907
Maximum ancestor generation: 4
Number of known descendents: 30


Family Info
Spouses and Children:

   Susanna May Schoming aka Annamay
       21 Jan 1933Detroit MI
    ♦ Rose Marie Vidolich  [8]
    ♦ Sharlene Francesann Vidolich  [9]
    ♦ John Richard Vidolich  [2]
    ♦ Susan Antoinette Vidolich  [7]
   Giovanni Gerald Louis Carmele Vidolich
  • Born: 27 Apr 1909, Zabbar Malta
  • Christened: 29 Apr 1909, Mary Mother of Grace Catholic Church Zabbar Malta
  • Death: 20 Apr 1983, Garden City Hospital Garden City MI

  • bullet    General Notes:

    The following information will not be repeated as most of the generations before Giovanni (John) came from the same source which is in a letter from Joseph Robinich. (dated July 1982) The information was gathered from the Registry Office in Velletta Malta. The office was instituted in 1863, so there is no information backward from that time. During the early days the only litterate people were the Priest, Doctors, Lawyers and Notaries and all records were in Latin or Italian, so many of the vowels were changed e.g. Vidolich, Vidulich or Vidovich. It was also mentioned that most of the surnames which end in "ich" are descendants from Yugoslavia and many settled in Senglea, Malta.

    John Vidolich
    Giovanni Gerald Louis Carmel Vidolich was born in Zabbar at 1 a.m. on the 27/4/1909 ( P.R. 3104/09)

    The letter went on to give information about John's parents, grandparents and great grand parents on both side of his family.

    (John) Giovanni was Baptized 29 Apr 1909 Mary Mother of Grace Catholic Church, Zabbar, Malta. This information was found on the marriage record between John and Susanna April 6, 1934. St. Paul Maltese Church, Detroit, MI. Wittnesses Joseph Vidalich and George Busuttil. George might have been the husband of John's cousin Gracie Brincat. The Marriage was officiated by Father Michael Z. Cefai.

    John became a citizen 25 Mar 1942 Detroit MI

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