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  This section of the website contains genealogies (i.e., pedigree charts, lineages, descendents, and individual details) for over 1200 known members of the William Pernia & Cora Leonard family.

  In this section, most individuals are listed under their birth name. In a few instances, when a person had more than one legal name (e.g., name change after marriage, name change due to illiteracy during emigration, etc.), then there will be several listings for that person.

  If you know the person for whom you are looking, then the easiest way to find them will be using either the SURNAME INDEX, or the COMPLETE INDEX.

  The Complete Index is a long file, so if you are browsing via a slow network connection, then it may take several seconds to completely load the page. The Surname Index is just a map into the various sections of the Complete Index, and is mostly a convenient way to quickly scroll to the appropriate location in the long index. (Perhaps in a future version of the website, we'll create a paginated version of the Complete Index and have 26 separate sections.)

  Most of the pages in this section are either "Pedigree Charts" or "Individual Details" pages.

  A simple Pedigree Chart looks like this:

       Parents     Grandparents     Great Grandparents  
William\ GuillaumeKnisley PARNIER
1868 - 1936
Daniel PARNIER [+9]
Raymond Daniel PERNIA
1906 - 1976
Elizabeth MURPHY [+1]

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Detailed Pedigree

Lois Ann Marie PERNIA
b. 1940

Cora Belle LEONARD
1877 - 1954
Daniel Amos LEONARD [+9]
Margaret DROUILLARD [+8]
Arthur CHAPMAN ?
Dorothy Ann Agnes CHAPMAN
b. 1919
Grace Florence WHITE ?
Maximum ancestor generation: 12
Number of known descendents: 3
Figure G-1

  Pedigree Charts show a particular person (or family) on the left-hand side, and as you move to the right, each column represents the preceding generation. In the last (right-most) column, if there are additional ancestor generations available, then you'll see a small, bracketed number indicating the maximum number of additional known generations.

  All names in a Pedigree Chart are active links that can take you to the "Individual Details" page for that person.

  This site can generate Pedigree Charts that are as deep as twelve or fifteen generations, but such charts are very difficult to interpret; especially with a small display screen. Therefore, most of the ones that you will encounter on the site are either three or six generations deep. If you'd like a particular chart with more than six generations listed, then please contact us and we'll try to set it up for you.

  In addition to the "Individual" Pedigree Charts, we can also generate "Family" Pedigree Charts, where all the siblings of the initial person are listed too. Here is an example of such a Family Chart -> William & Cora Family Pedigree.

  Each INDIVIDUAL DETAILS page in this section contains:

      a small pedigree chart,
      the oldest known generation for the person,
      the number of known descendents for the person,
      details about the person, including their birth and death dates, and
      if the person was ever married, or has had children, then there are links to those people too

  Each Individual Details page will look something like:

       Parents     Grandparents     Great Grandparents  
Louis Vicus PARNIER
b. 1808
Louis PARNIER [+2]
1840 - 1914
Veronica LEBEAU [+6]

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William\ GuillaumeKnisley PARNIER
1868 - 1936

b. 1811
Louis ROBIDOU [+5]
Anchange BERNARD [+7]
Thomas MURPHY ?
Elizabeth MURPHY
? - 1884
Maximum ancestor generation: 10
Number of known descendents: 207
Family Info

Spouses and Children:
1. Cora Belle Leonard
    Married: 22 OCT 1895, St Joseph,Erie,MI

William Knisley Parnier 0
  • Born: 20 APR 1868, Berlin Twp,Monroe Co,MI
  • Christened: 23 APR 1868, St Charles,Borromeo,Newport,MI
  • Death: 13 FEB 1936, 1366 Stein Rd,LaSalle,MI picture

    bullet  General Notes:

    Children baptized St. John Monroe Pernia 60 - 10 Pearl 55 - 8 Gladys 68 - 9 Raymond 71 - 2 Arthur 73 - 6
    18 Oct 20, 1899 Frank - Hilda ?????