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Schorsch Georges SCHAMING
1767 - 1848
Johanes SCHAMING [+3]
1815 - 1876
Catharina FUNT

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1855 - 1934

1772 - 1854
Barbara BELZER
Nikolaus KIRSCH ?
Anna Maria KIRSCH aka Annie
1817 - 1878
Ellisabeth KIRSCH ?
Maximum ancestor generation: 6
Number of known descendents: 56


Family Info
Spouses and Children:

   1. Catherine Nancy Eichler
       14 Apr 1886Greensburg Westmoreland PA
    ♦ Paul Joseph Schoming  [3]
    ♦ Bernard Schoming Jr aka Barney  [0]

   2. Susan C Tantlinger
       31 Aug 1893Greensburg Westmoreland County PA
    ♦ John Schoming Sr  [50]
   Bernard Schoming Sr
  • Born: 14 Feb 1855, Germany
  • Death: 7 May 1934, Southside North Huntingdon Twp PA
  • Buried: 11 May 1934, Irwin Catholic Cemetery Irwin PA

  • bullet    General Notes:

    Came to United States from Germany ca 1873 age 18. Lived Westmoreland since 1901 after marriage to Susan Close in 1893, he was 38, Susan was 41. From known figures I suspect son, John was born outside of Irwin.

    Cause of death Cerebral Apoplexy.

    Bernard was a coal miner.

    Family lore is Barney like the drink.

    Song Barney sang. On Cd with step grand daughter Ruth Dahlmann Graham singing...........

    Yo Ho My little Dutch Girl.
    I buy you a broom.
    A little one for the baby.
    A big one for the lady.
    Yo Ho My little Dutch Girl.

    Bernard Schaming/Schoming
    by Sharon Schaming Newell

    Bernard Schaming was born to Jean Paul Schaming and Anne Marie Kirsch on 1 February 1856 in Reyersville, Moselle, France/Germany (The borders changed because of wars), as declared before Louis Obringer, mayor or Reyersviller. Wittnesses were Francois Petsche, age 46 and Jean Schaming age 46. His father, recorded as Jean, was 40 years of age and his mother 38. This record was written in French.

    According to family lore, Bernard joined the French Army, and upon his return at the end of the war, Germany had control of the village. It is doubtful that he could have served during the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871, as he would have been very young. Bernard officially reported the death of his mother to the mayor. The death records of both Jean Paul and Anne Marie are written in German.

    According to the United States 1900 census, Bernard immigrated to the United States in 1880. In Germans to America there is a listing for a B. Shaming, a horse dealer from Switzerland who embarked for America on 3 July 1870. If this is the same Bernard, it opens another chapter in his life. Upon arriving in America, as the family story goes, Bernard sold firewood in New York to earn money to travel to western Pennsyvania, where he found work as a coal miner. Other immigrants from the Moselle area had gravitated to the Pittsburg environs, because of the many coal mines there. Bernard settled in the Irwin area of Westmoreland County, living in that town, as well as Larimer Station.

    The next documentation found for Bernard Schaming is his marriage to Catherine Nancy Eichler on 14 April 1886 in Greenburg, the county seat of Westmoreland County. Here he is recorded as being 28 years old and his birth as 25 March, neither age nor date is accurate. Two sons were born to Bernard and Nancy in Irwin, Pennsylvannia: Paul Joseph born 28 May 1887 and Bernard Jr. born 28 June 1888. Catherine Nancy died as the result of a fire on 29 May 1889.

    Bernard married Susan Tatinger (Tantlinger) Close, a widow with 7 children of her own, on 31 August 1893. In this record Barnard's last name is clearly spelled Schoming. According to family history, he changed the spelling to Germanic spelling, as his new wife was of German descent. This marriage resulted in a son, John Schoming born 9 June 1895.

    A Declaration of Intention for citizenship was filed by Bernard on 29 September 1888, in which he renounced his allegience and fidelity to Emperor William II. He was naturalized on 6 September 1891.

    Other records of Bernard in the United States include census records. The 1900 census finds Barney Schomer (sic) in the Shafton District, North Huntington Township of Westmoreland County. Along with Barney 45, is wife Susan 47, sons Paul 13, and Barney 11, and John 6. Bernard gives his place of birth as France, as well as his parents. As previously stated, this census states his year of immigration as 1880, living in the United States 20 years, and is naturalized. Here Susan give number of children as one. Bernard's occupation is coal miner, and 13 year old Paul as mine laborer.

    In 1910 the family is located in North Huntington Township, Westmoreland County. His name is spelled as Barney Schoming here, age 55, wife Susan 57, sons Barney 20 and John 16. He and his parent's birth country is Germany. The year of his immigration to US is 1884, and he is naturalized. Both Bernard and Barney are coal miners. All the family can read and write, and their house is rented. Bernard states he has been married twice, while Susan numbers 8 children born and 8 living.

    Once again Bernard and his family are in Shafton District, North Huntington Township in 1920 census. His name is spelled Schoman, age 64, wife Susan 67, Barney E. Klose (sic) 48 and Barnard, Jr. 28. Both Barney Klose and Barney Jr. are called "Step-son". Barnard Sr. is noted as born in Germany with mother tongue as German, his father born Germany, mother tongue German, and mother born France, mother tongue French. Bernard's martial status is Widowed, his year of immigration and if naturalized stated Unknown. Bernard's occupation is coal miner, while neither Barber Klose nor Barney Jr. has an occupation. Right next door is Bernard and Susan's son, John Shoeming (sic) and family, consisting of John age 25, wife Antoinette 25, daughtes Anna 4 and Gertrude 3.

    The 1930 census shows Barny Schoming (sic) 7r, born in Germany, as both his parents and mother language is German. Wife Susan 77 and Barny Jr. 39 make up the household. Bernard's year of immigration is given as 1878 and was naturalized. At age 77, his occupation is still Miner, as is Barney, Jr's.

    Another family story about Bernard says he liked to drink to excess. This causes problems at home, and his son, Paul left home as a young man and never returned.

    The death record for Barnard Schoming of Southside, North Huntington Township, PA states his death as 7 May 1934, aged 79 years, 2 months and 14 days. His birthday is given as 14 February 1855. The cause of death was cerebral apoplexy, with mine's asthma as a contributory factor. He was buried in the Irwin Catholic Cemetery on 11 May 1934. Son John Schoming of Southside, Irwin, was informant.

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