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Joseph PINEAU II aka Deschatelets Joseph PINEAU I
Basil DESHETLER I aka Deschastelets
1800 - 1838
Susanne GAREAU

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Mary Magdelene PARNIER
1774 - 1817
Joseph PARNIER I aka Vadeboncoeur [+1]
Louis ROBIDOU Stephen ROBIDOU [+4]
Bridget ROBIDOU aka Robeiour
1811 - 1850
Agatha SOUCHEREAU aka Langoumois [+1]
Anchange BERNARD
1786 - 1813
Joseph BERNARD [+6]
Geneveva SAUCIER [+5]
Maximum ancestor generation: 9
Number of known descendents: 0


Family Info
Spouses and Children:

   Lucinda Keller
       12 OctSt Antoine Catholic Church River Raisin Monroe County MI

   Basil Leon DeShetler II

bullet    General Notes:

A note was found:

Book 39 P 41 Erie

Louis Ponier to Bazile L. Deshatler

This has to be Bridget's son as his middle name is Leon.
Also mentioned is Toledo Public Library.

Is this record of land or dollars.............. ?

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