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Charles A. BORNAND
1858 - 1916

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Caroline Charlotte Zelda BORNAND
1891 - 1970

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Gertrude CHAGNON
1869 - 1960
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Maximum ancestor generation: 1
Number of known descendents: 31


Family Info
Spouses and Children:

   1. Charles Musselman aka Roy
       ABT 1909PA?
    ♦ Ada May Musselman  [13]
    ♦ Vivian Pauline Musselman  [10]
    ♦ Clifford Charles Musselman aka Buck  [5]

   2. Clifford Cleave Noe
       24 Jul 1920

   Caroline Charlotte Zelda Bornand
  • Born: 17 May 1891
  • Death: 4 Aug 1970, Des Moines IA

  • bullet    General Notes:

    Caroline Charlotte Zelda Bornand is legal name.
    Family bible is Corrine Enilda Bornand.

    Caroline recalls when her baby sister Juillette died in South America,
    her mother Gertrude and herself climbed into the mountains and dug a
    grave by had to bury the child. They put rocks over the grave to keep
    animals out of the grave.

    Caroline's first husband (Charles?) Musselman was shot to death during a
    robbery 1919. Hazel Bowman, (later married Caroline's brother Wallace)
    was witness to the event as child.

    Caroline left her 2 daughters with Grandma Musselman, while she chased
    after some sailor. While she was gone Mrs. Musselman got sick and gave
    the girls to the state. They were given up for adoption by the Homrey's .
    The girls found Caroline after they were grown.

    Caroline and Cliff had a parrot named "Polly" was over 40 years old at
    the time of their death. The bird had a very large vocabulary.

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