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No known ancestors.
Maximum ancestor generation: 0
Number of known descendents: 137


Family Info
Spouses and Children:

   Gertrude Chagnon
    ♦ Caroline Charlotte Zelda Bornand  [31]
    ♦ Rudolph Godfrey Bornand  [9]
    ♦ Antoinette Marie Christine Bornand  [49]
    ♦ Blanche Rose Bornand  [10]
    ♦ Mary Jeanette Bornand  [16]
    ♦ Juillette Bornand  [0]
    ♦ Peter John Bornand  [0]
    ♦ Wallace Dodds Bornand  [14]
   Charles A. Bornand
  • Born: 31 Jul 1858, French part of Switzerland
  • Death: ABT 1916

  • bullet    General Notes:

    Date for Charles's birth was found in Bible that was in Gertrude (Chagnon) Bornand possession. Also listed is the names and births of the children of Charles and Gertrude. Gertrude's information was not recorded. The information is not in English, thought to be in French. If translated correctly it says the bible was given to Charles's father by his sister ( not named). 12 July 1865. (I wonder is this date when Charles came from the old county at the age of 7.)

    The information about the children of Charles and Gertrude was probably recorded after the birth of their last child as they (the children) are listed boys first then the girls. This is not the order of birth according to confirmed information.

    Most everything that is known about Charles is family lore. The things that are confimed is information found in census records of PA and MI. 1910 says that Charles was a laborer at a saw mill and he spoke French.

    There is a story that Charles was cremated and his ashes thrown in the Detroit River.

    Charles and Gertrude traveled with a circus at one time. Gertrude was a bareback rider. They always had parrots as pets. Charles would leave his family and move on ( often ) then earn money and send for the family. (?)

    The children were baptised Catholic except Wallace baptized in the Presbyterian Church his father's faith. (from his granddaughter)

    Another piece of family lore is some how the Bornand family was connected with the "Purple Gang" in the Detroit area.

    Not confirmed found by Clint and Sharon Newell 2008:
    Charles Auguste Bornand (or Bornaud?) of the city of Montreal county of Hachelaga, province of Quebec, day laborer, bachelor, of age, son of Tule (?) Auguste Bornand and of Marie Tunod? and Simoiselle?, unmarried daughter of Francois Chagnon and of Corine Saustanein? of the city of Montreal county of Hachelaga Province of Quebec, was not of age with consent of parents and on the authority of a license granted by me the 13 day of the month of December in the year of 1890 in the presence of the witnesses publicized, of which the signators are friends.

    Charles A. Bornand
    Panmile'Parmile Chagnon
    Octave Boilou
    Eugene Chagnon

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