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No known ancestors.
Maximum ancestor generation: 0
Number of known descendents: 137


Family Info
Spouses and Children:

   Charles A. Bornand
    ♦ Caroline Charlotte Zelda Bornand  [31]
    ♦ Rudolph Godfrey Bornand  [9]
    ♦ Antoinette Marie Christine Bornand  [49]
    ♦ Blanche Rose Bornand  [10]
    ♦ Mary Jeanette Bornand  [16]
    ♦ Juillette Bornand  [0]
    ♦ Peter John Bornand  [0]
    ♦ Wallace Dodds Bornand  [14]
   Gertrude Chagnon
  • Born: 29 Aug 1869, Possibly Vermont
  • Death: 16 Feb 1960, Ypsilanti State Hospital Ypsilanti MI
  • Buried: 19 Feb 1960, Woodmere Cemetery Detroit MI, SEE Notes

  • bullet    General Notes:

    1910 census records say Gertrude was born in the state of Vermont. It also states that her parents were French Canadians. One record I found suggests a family which might be hers. There are also some that say she was born in Montreal, Canada. Take your pick and start hunting.

    There is a question of what Gertrude's middle name is. It might have been Pamela, Charotte/Charlotta, or maybe even Susan.

    Family lore is that Charles and Gertrude traveled with a circus at one time. Gertrude was a bareback rider.

    They always had parrots as pets.

    Charles would leave the family and move on (often). He would earn money and send for the family.

    There is a family story when the girl child Juillette died in South America, Gertrude and Caroline climbed into the mountains to dig a grave by hand and buried the child under rocks to keep the animals out.

    It is thought Gertrude was Catholic and had all the children baptised Catholic. But Wallace was baptized in the Presbyterian Church, his father's faith.

    Gertrude was age 70 when she was committed to Ypsilanti State Hosital. She was a resident there for 20 years and 4 months, entering 2 Oct 1939 living there until her death in 1960.

    According to Gertrude's death certificate her usual residence was listed at 2834 Trumbull, Detroit, MI. Other medical certification- Chronic brain syndrome associated with arteriosclerosis with psychotic reaction.

    Gertrude is buried in Woodmere Cemetery, Section FD Lot - block 23-215 Record book 31 Page 115.

    A note to check Clarence Chagnon in Vermont.

    In the Quebec index Charles Bornand was found with wife as Demaiselle Chagnon. More to wonder about. (Sandy Glover) 2008

    Some say Gertrude was from Montreal.

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